Fresh Eggs


Milky Way Farm is committed to selling products and educating the community about sustainable agriculture, farm economics, and an understanding of foods served to families.

Fresh Brown Eggs

  • Cage-Free and Hormone-Free
  • So Fresh — "a Chef's Delight"
  • Available in Dozen Packages
  • Spring, Summer, and Fall

Chester Springs Creamery Mugs

  • Perfect for remembering special farm moments.
  • Available in the Creamery.

Ice Cream Special Delivery

Send a distinctive ice cream treat to family, friends, and clients in the contiguous 48 states. Not available in Winter

"Magic of Milky Way Farm" Children's Book

Award winning...personalized for your child.

Chester Springs Creamery T-Shirts

  • Child and Adult sizes available.
  • Available in the Creamery.

 Ice Cream Cakes

Ice cream cakes available to celebrate special events. Order mid-April through mid-September. 72-hour notice is required (ie. deadline is Wednesday at 6pm for weekend orders). Simple decorations highlight the ice cream goodness. Most allergies can be accommodated.  Not available in Winter